What Does the Oculus Rift Do To Your Brain? – Reality Check

This week Cam delivers a virtual reality check and investigates the effect of the Oculus Rift on the human brain.

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  1. The term "reality" is used in a loose manner here. Already scientists are finding out more and more about the fabric of reality and as fiction tries ever harder to reach "reality", reality as we now it is getting closer and closer to fiction. That being said, "true VR" is already within our grasp. Take airliner simulators for instance. Although the graphics are nowhere near "real", the environment and the effects and the consequences are so real that pilots are frequently reported to experience very real stress. So, it's not just a matter of graphics and sound but also emotional context, environment, effects and real world consequences. Remove situational awareness and the flow of information as to what's transpiring at the time and most people get confused and lost easily. They may still realize somthing is amiss with 'this reality' but it sure will feel very much real.

  2. After using VR its like im in a computer simulation in real life. After using VR it feels like i got more control on every aspect on my body. I think faster.. I see more dept.. my reaction speed has improved. Its hard to explain but its like im in a simulation in real life. Its like i can feel the computer program in real life. Anyone else have the same experience like me ?

  3. Combine Photo-Realism with Virtual Reality and you can trick your brain into thinking you've teleported into another environment. I would love to see this implemented with the Virtuix Omni and perhaps Star Citizen or Arma…

  4. It's quite enjoyable reading all these debates from two years ago on whether virtual reality will be possible like in SAO. I used an HTC Vive for the first time on Friday at the arcade and I was quite impressed how on track we are. All we need now is some more immersion hardware and higher pixel density screens.

  5. We are most likely already in an impressive simulation within a simulation, & so on. This VR is another stepping stone into the next simulation jump. The next massive waterfall that will pulls us deeper down the rabbit hole… Just a theory😃

  6. These screens need to have a “warmer” colour output…

    Blue light is harmful.. it also fks up your circadian rhythm (sleep wake cycle)

    “Blue light has been implicated as the cause of macular degeneration, the leading cause of vision loss in Americans 60 years of age and older (study link). Blue light causes oxidative stress and high levels of oxidative stress are associated with migraines”

  7. 2019 and still using Rift CV1… Gen 2 can't get here fast enough, but sadly it will be another 3~ years until we have Gen 2. It will be a massive leap in fidelity and presence though. We will have eye tracking + foveated rendering (perhaps as well as some form of gaze contingent blur,) a much wider field of view, much higher Pixels Per Degree, markerless hand tracking + skeletal body tracking. We'll also see Mixed Reality start to become another capability of VR headsets, which will open up a ton of possible use cases other than video games!

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