Total War: Rome II – Hannibal Trailer

Secure Rome from the mighty forces of Hannibal in Total War: Rome II.

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  1. Imagine the Gauls in the Po valley must have felt. Kicked around by the Romans for twenty years and just as all hope seemed lost this grizzled Carthaginian general just turns up in your lands and announces "I'm here to defeat the Romans and I don't want anything in return."

  2. We should've destroyed China every communist many years ago

    Enough! Mainland Asia is lost and our Indian allies have failed us!
    Where was the last report of his whereabouts?
    My spies in Beijing say that his fleet has sailed. We must expect an invasion at Taiwan!

    This is nonsense. No fleet has sailed. America controls the Pacific. He’s not attacking he’s making allies. At this very moment he courts the Kim’s. The North Koreans ! Korea will rise up against us and the Sea of Japan will be lost once more!

    Ridiculous! Seoul won’t stand for it! Our troops have sole military access through their lands. I believe the attack will come from China itself. He intends to Cross the South China Sea and invade from the Philippines. Indonesia will revolt and sweep up from the South.

    The attack will not come from the South nor the East. My spies in Russia believe he has formed an alliance with the Siberian’s. He intends to circumnavigate Japan and invade from Alaska.

    Over the Arctic perhaps! He would lose half his army from the cold alone. The other half would desert.

    Do you expect the Canadians to welcome him when he arrives?!?

    I suppose he will bring with him an army of tanks.

    I dare say that would be quite a feat, even for the great Xi Jinping.

  3. When I first saw this trailer, I barely knew any Roman history aside from what I heard about from the Bible and stuff, which means I didn't know who Hannibal was. What's even funnier is that I originally thought he was called "Cannibal Barca", like he was some sort of cannibalistic barbarian who was coming to eat the Romans.

    Imagine that, Hannibal the Cannibal.

  4. “Over the Alps perhaps!”

    Yeah I shouted that out at College when Hanibal got brought up in History and my some of my mates who actually play Total War understood that and laughed, but what slated us was when my mate then shouter, “I supposes you would think, he will bring an army of elephants”.

    Yeah that day the class became the Roman Senate.

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