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The Return of the Races in Dragon Age: Inquisition

The creative director and executive producer for Dragon Age: Inquisition talk about the return of race selection for your character in the upcoming game.

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  1. Those presets look absolutely amazing! Whenever I'd created a character who looked cool or whatever in DA, I liked the game even more!
     I can't wait! No really… I can't!

  2. What I've learned from BW/EA is to see through all the nice talk and wait until the product is on the shelf. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they might redeem themselves with DA3, but I won't bet on it. No pre-orders here, I'm waiting for the real objective reviews to come out before I'll consider buying this game.

  3. DA2 felt so limited being unable to have different races and beginnings. They tried to hard to make it like Mass Effect that it was ruined for me. This might fix it, but i'm still not keen on the hack and slash system.

  4. id love it if there was a lot of freedom in it, like you could be anything in any class, except dwarves, everyone knows dwarves cant do magic for the exception of sandal

  5. I loved how in the first two Dragon age games (especially No.2) how simply being
    a mage changed so much in the game, because it lets you see how different each character is when they see a mage and I hope that they have it as well done as in DA2

  6. what I think this game needs is the abilty to choose how long your characters hair should be and what colour it is.  and it needs more classes like monk, ninja, paladin or grey warden, and also the ablilty to import your own haircut.

  7. ill just do what I always do, play all races generally at the same time and make a different story choice with all my files. Honestly though I cant wait to go H.A.M. with a qunari tank.

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