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Inside Dragon Age: Inquisition's Development

The lead developers of the next Dragon Age game explain the story, goals, and development behind Inquisition.

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  1. The Dev team's in Edmonton? That explains why in Mass Effect the Edmonton Dragons gifted you the blood dragon armor with their signatures on the inside. Cool.

  2. You should probably stop looking at it with your DA:O glasses on. It can't be DA:O. But it can be /like/ DA:O if you take those glasses off. Appreciate the game for what it is (at least good!) and if you don't like it, move on and leave the people who do like it alone.
    Personally, I like both. DA:O is awesome. DA2 is significantly less awesome, but at least good.

  3. . . . I just wonder if I'll be able to make an inquisitor who can man-handle his/her way through things. Not necessarily be mean/evil, but not taking anybody's crap.

  4. If you want to play that way you can do so since NO one has any authority over us, if you want to be like that you will have numerous options to do so like intimidation, black mail, murder, persuasion, sieging fortress if they refuse to let you in, make alliances, etc how you handle the problems is completely up to you

  5. I liked DA2 as well. Sure, some elements I can nitpick at, but I understand what BioWare is trying to do.

    Words of wisdom for gamers complaining about BioWare, experimenting on some aspects is what gets results.

    Look at DA2 as an experiment, sure some areas weren't as great as others, but a little stumble is sometimes required.

  6. I didn't claim it was a beta, just some elements could have been improved on.

    Which is what they're doing in Inquisition.

    Like it or not, if there weren't any changes made in DAII, you'd essentially have a prettier DA:O,

    Rather than releasing the same game, BioWare wanted to try some new things.

    So in that sense, DAII wasn't bad, definitely not as good as the first, but it's not a HORRIBLE game.

  7. Yea. I think that he hasnt got in the video game thing. Those would be cool endings for a movie or a book. Video game audience is different.

  8. i actually really liked DA2! i think it was one of the best RPGs out there but I didn't have origins because I just recently got DAO and im really exited to play DAO and DA3. i started to download DAO because, it really impacts the story on dragon age 3. and i want to know as much as you can about DAO so I can understand dragon age three!

  9. I understand what they were trying to do, and some aspects were awesome, and some lacked inspiration.

    DAII wasn't as great as DA;O, that much is fact, but I'm just saying that it is nowhere near as bad as some people say.

    But because of the risk, and the subsequent mistakes, it makes for a much better game next time around. 😉

  10. The warden and hawke were never supposed to be the protagonist in the first place, as for them showing up IF they do they will be NPC's, NO there will NOT be an ORGIN STORIES at all but there will be backgrounds that you can't choose

  11. I agree not a bad game. Only bad in comparison to Origins. It did do a few things better even. I personally prefer a voiced main character. I also liked having "comedic" dialog options to provide more variety in dialog choices. I thought that the characters and story were good but Origins was significantly better in those areas. Was not a fan of the revamped combat in 2 at all. This next one looks good though. More weight to character animations and controls instead of cartoony exploding bodies

  12. I disagree with Mass Effect 3. It was an amazing game. Especially with all the DLC it was a complete package. Just because it didn't have the ending fans wanted to see it didn't mean it was a bad ending. Beside after 40+ hours of great story I did not mind 5 minutes of mediocrity. I was already happy with the game. Mass Effect 3 showed Bioware still knows how to make a great game. Dragon Age 2 however was a step down in almost every category from Origins but still was decent. It was not greatw

  13. I didn't know what they were saying about the ending. I tried to avoid any all spoilers so the ending did not make me mad at all when it happened. I did think I had screwed something up when I died and stuff but that was because I thought it was like Suicide Mission. It just wasn't like that it was just the whole ending. Not a great ending but not bad either unless you had certain preconceptions going in. I prefer the extended cut for sure though.

  14. I'm actually aware of all of it now in retrospect. I totally understand why people were angry. I just never personally knew Bioware had promised any "multiple" or customized endings. I got choices at the end to do what I thought was best and made my choice. Felt pretty natural to the game. It was just a final choice. Instead of opting for an ending that pandered to everyone's personal play-through, they presented a final test to make a choice with. I just did not have a problem with it.

  15. PS: I think better endings could have been written. The extended cut was definitely better proving it could have been better out of the gate. The endings were not very different from one another before the extended cut. Without Citadel there was not as much closure with characters. I wish the ending was a bigger better Suicide Mission. That was an epic ending! BUT; I still believe it was actually the best Mass Effect game overall. Mordin-Thane deaths, Kai Leng, opening mission… was good stuff

  16. ''we have a long term plan for where we want to take the franchise''
    In my head ''we want to make new Mass Effect or if possible CoD, buy spending money on great graphics and action elements while forgetting what made DA:o + DLC's so great'' we made DA2 that was way inferior to The Witcher 2 and our studies of the market (kids from 5-15yo) has shown that it was cause of graphics''
    And by ading Inquisition they want to make 'new' wardens… goodbye Dragon Age Origins .. origins no more :/

  17. I cannot wait for this. It looks amazing! You can tell they took feedback to heart and I am glad EA is giving them the time they need to make this great.

    I mean we get race selection back, dynamic and tactical combat (and the tactical camera), pretty graphics, an interesting story, LOTS of customization elements, character interaction similar to DAO, and exploration elements 🙂

  18. Why do all open rpgs feel like they need a large desert? is it lazyness? Im so fucking sick of big nothing. I dont wanna run for 10-30 min and see fucking rocks and MORE SAND!

  19. @Domenic Freckelton I think that was just for the purpose of the trailer but i suppose it really depends on you/your Inquisitor's stance is with them

    My opinion? The Wardens are ruthless and power hungry. Just look at the Wardens in DA 2 and at the first warden, they may be required for the survival of the world, sure, but thats no excuse for them to not be kept in check. In Ferelden, sure their noble but outside Ferelden they love to abuse their powers.

  20. @Merlin exactly. There weren't that many Wardens in Ferelden in DAO, especially after Ostagar, certainly not enough to actually be a force to be reckoned with. Thats why when I play inquisiton, im taking my Inquisition and going to war agianst the Wardens and both the Mages and Templars.

  21. I just heard on Gamefaqs…. did you remove Blood Mage as a playable option…?


    God damn it, you replaced it with Necromancer! I was looking forward to conducting blood sacrifices when you guys said you wanted to make the BM's something to be feared in this game! If I don't get the option to raise an army of corpses, I'm going to be extremely disappointed.

     I was looking forward to playing a terrifying mage who actually gives people a reason to fear him, rather than just "ack, demon magnet!"

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