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Kevin VanOrd abducts a space alien for this review of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.

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  1. All the problems he mentioned can be solved by actually using some tactics and strategy. in fact; even on the hardest difficulty it was still too easy except for the final battle. I loved this game so much that i was sad when it ended.

  2. NO NO NO. Look at any video of mass effect gameplay and you'll see that no one is using strategy and tactics; most people who play mass effect play it like a regular third person shooter. This game is a genuine tactics game with shooting elements. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP you dont know what you're talking about you moron. Go play your generic battlefield crap.

  3. this game is so underrated i had a lot of fun in this game the story isnt that good tho but the gameplay is decent and the graphics are very good and u will have a lot of fun with this game 100%

  4. Just finished it. Only 7 hours and a half. The game is on the right track of making a decent XCOM shooter, but the prodution is totally off. Limited skills, one dimensional characters, non cohesive story reveals it is nothing but a rushed and clunky product.

  5. Love the art style, but while I would happily buy a game was a flawed, noble attempt, – when then have not even gotten their own lore right, there is no point in playing.  XCOM isn't just about the tactical options & risks.  Its about the unfolding plot.  To say this game isn't finished is an understatement.  They got hollow, flawed gameplay without a workable story.  Not even going to buy it for $15 on steam right now.

  6. Am I the only one who never uses my "mind control" abilities in any game? They're either too much mana/energy to use, next to useless, or overshadowed by other skills.

  7. Maybe if everyone stopped comparing it to the other game it would be good. I played it, the story wasn't the best bit the game was very enjoyable. I don't see people comparing uncharted series, or even comparing mass effect 3 to 1. Hell, you don't even see people comparing the new metal gear solid game. Get over it, enjoy the game for what it is and not for what it was

  8. Well, I actually enjoyed it. I liked the combat, and never found the AI to be two annoying if I gave them a target and a firing position, and I played the game on the hardest setting, being a veteran of both EU and many, many third person shooters. My main complaints would be the graphics, which seemed pretty at first but degraded significantly when I wasn't shooting at aliens. The clip on the front of pilots flight suit… Eugh. The skybox in the first defend section, after the the base escape,  was almost heretically bad for 2013. Yeah I know what that word means. It was that bad. Also, I agree that there was no tension regarding loosing squad members. Checkpoint restart fixed everything, though I found that some loadouts were just better than others. I went with a support and recon, and mainly used them to back me up, instead of as a force of their own. But hey, you probably din't come here to read my long, rambling review. But I thought the game deserved probably a 7 or 8. It got a lot of hate for not being EU, in my opinion.

  9. I got this game for £2 last year in the Steam Sales knowing that it was above average. I got it because I bought the main X-COM game and liked the idea of this spin off prequel set in the 60's. The combat is great and spot on and you do have to manage your squad mates to get best results but it's not that bad, it's not that great either but I am enjoying it all the same.

    I waited to play this alongside the real X-COM game and it was a nice diversion  in between and  well worth £2 if you like the idea of taking on aliens in 60's America. The NVIDIA PhysX are also a nice touch that helps presentation.

    So worth £2 if you are into the story of alien invasion but if you don't really care about the story then it's not worth it as there is lots of 9 out of 10 games for £2 in the Steam Sales so most people are always going to pick the high scoring games in Steam sales

  10. So many people bitchin about how they are upset cuz they got it on steam for $2,$4, and $6 bucks and enjoyed it but it "wasn't amazing".  Shut the fuck up.  These games take hundreds of people to make.  It very recently was the case that you went all the way to the store.  Bought a game for 50-60 bucks.  Brought it home and if it sucks-guess what?  You still fucking played it cuz you got no choice and just blew a huge load on it.  This game for under $20 is a stellar bargain.  What a bunch of whiny little bitches.  Cryin over 4 dollars on a huge ass game.  And yes it is huge considering a team developed it over months or years.

  11. I enjoyed the game. I liked the combat, and never found the AI to be annoying or walking into mines or gunfire. They got behind cover and stayed there for the better part of the battle. The graphics are pretty damn good, with the models and just about everything striking the 1960s Cold War feel very well, especially the aliens. There were reports of alien abductions around the 60s and the aliens look pretty much identical to what the victim described. The main issue I have with the game though is the lack of dialog. Once I chose all the conversation pieces on the right stick wheel, I didn't really know what to do, especially if I felt enough information wasn't gathered about my current/next mission. No tension or anything about the squad members bleeding out, as it did not happen to me once. Though it is a nice feel that they become canon once they've bled to death. Checkpoint restart fixed everything when I struggled, which only really happened about three times when I was invading the Outsider homeworld. After I finished the game, I sort of felt like I actually accomplished something. Is that sad? Maybe. Sorry for my long ass review, but I just thought I'd add my two cents. Personally, I think the game didn't deserve the mixed reviews it got. Some publications gave it 4.5/10 and others gave it 7/10. Me, I give it about an 8.1/10. Not sure why the game got so much hate when it was actually really enjoyable.

  12. You shouldn’t base it off of another game you should review the game for what it is not for what it doesn’t have from its past series.

  13. I usually trust Gamespot's reviews but I'm gonna call bullshit on that 6. This game looks fun as hell with the combat similar to Mass Effect, I'm getting this and I guarantee I'll like it

  14. Compared to the other xcom games, this game doesn't fit, Compared to Another AAA game this game is shit But as a standalone (Now, cheap) game the Bureau Xcom declassified is pretty decent.

  15. I bought this for £1 the other day , I'm on the last mission and by the looks of it I'm the only person who likes it lol I think it's a good game especially for £1 lol

  16. I like how they say that reloading a save is the more appealing option for this game than continuing with one less squad-mate.

    do they realize you can save and load in the other x-com games for maximum cheese too?

  17. Yeah, just doesn't know how to tell a story like the overrated Mass Effect, or even the more recent Resident Evil remakes. No wonder GameSpot and IGN trolled Days Gone !

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