Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 – GamesCom 2013 Story Trailer

Take a look at a story trailer from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 featured at GamesCom 2013.

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  1. I can't get enough of this trailer, it's just too fucking epic. Yet another masterpiece by MercurySteam, and another amazing soundtrack by Oscar Araujo. It also comes out on my birthday, so it must be fate that this game is my most anticipated title of the year lol.

  2. i feel like i should be paying $120 60 for the story and 60 for the gameplay can't wait for this OMG im so hyped and i know it won't let me down 

  3. I predict Julius will be the Belmont of the modern time and city in this game hopefully because he is one the best Belmont's (NOTE if you didn't know there are parts of this game that take place in the modern age yeah and your enemies sometimes have guns but the city is really dark and gothic it fits in Juste watch the exploration trailer)

  4. I hope LOS 2 is much better than the first one because LOS was certainly not worth all the hype they made it out to be. I will admit though that the music was very good. I hope Michiru Yamane wrote the music sound track. That alone would make me buy the game!:)

  5. didnt like the 1st game so much – absolutely loved the 2nd game with belmonts, satan, zobek, alucard and pretty much the whole world coming down on Dracula's head and to top it off – it looks like he's losing his sanity at times. A VERY cool game and i loved the change in direction into dracula's history.

    it's not cannon but i love this 2nd game as a stand alone story. big fan here 😀

  6. To me this song needs all the sound effects heard in this trailer. The sound of wolf and monsters are what makes this song so powerful for me.

  7. Dracula, you are a God, then you are the new hope for this world. It's you, me and your family who can drink blood of humans, not the madness who kill lot of them to anything. My love, blood is power and we are winner of this game. I love you Dracula. ?

  8. Absolutely loved the second game, Lords of Shadow saga should NOT be disconsidered just because it's different from Igavania's, as a game, it's addicting, has a rich combat system, and various scenario interactions

    The art style is nothing short of brilliant, it manages to modernize and to appropriate the Gothic aesthetic Igavania's had and did much more, managing to make breathtaking visuals and views, brilliant shadows and lighting, and the effort is clearly seen from forests to whole cities

    The soundtrack speaks for itself, Oscar Araujo delivered everything in style and powerfully

    The story while simple, manages to deliver great character development and ties a whole new concept of the title, people forget that for a very log time, Castlevania was a series that wasn't about great storytelling, but instead simple games made to be addicting and aesthetic, and that's what Lords of Shadow saga manages to do, all the while bringing a very interesting view on the story as a reboot

    I will continue to defend this wronged game

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