Murdered: Soul Suspect – E3 Gameplay Walkthrough

Check out the gameplay walkthrough featured at E3 2013.

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  1. I think the killer was after the girl, he was prob demon possessed to get that strength, seeming how he wasn't interested in the cop he was just looking for someone

  2. so when does this game comes out, because on the gamestop website is says it comes out next year… and we just started one! and i cant really wait for it looks amazing!

  3. very awseome and new idea of game…i really can wait to play this game?? Anyone know its release date and if it will be on pc version?? or will be ps4 exclusive type?? If it will be for pc,please tell me system requirements,because i didnt find anything..thank u!

  4. Dope. This kinda has an . L.a. Noir feel to it. Except your dead. I was gonna ask. How do you die in this game. And when I saw the freaky soul sucking demons. I was like . Ok never mind .

  5. Why can't we just have some normal games? Why does everything have to be stupid science fiction with monsters and special powers? This has become ridiculously boring and predictable. Even 'Tomb Raider' is full of monsters now. Let's have a bit of choice. 

  6. I feel like this is going to suffer from AAA syndrome. Too much time spent watching cinematics and dissonance between the narrative and the gameplay. The whole justification for him not being able to walk through the walls of buildings was just… Depressing. If he can walk through walls in the interior, then how can he walk upstairs? Surely he would totally walk through them? Some cool ideas and I like the design and the mood, but as a game I think this looks kind of boring. Might pick it up on the cheap some day though. Steam sale fodder perhaps

  7. This game has arrived and is surely in the bottom 3 of all PS3 and PS4 games to have ever have been released (along with 'Little Gay Planet' and 'Knack')

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