Making of Beyond: Two Souls – The Origins

Go behind the scenes with Beyond: Two Souls and see the cast and crew explain the ideas which inspired writer/director David Cage to create the story of Jodie Holmes.

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  1. This game blew my mind. Its one of the best games I have ever played. What's amazing is since birth I have always felt like I have an invisible twin. My family confirmed it multiple times after sensing someone who smells and talks like me in our house even though I wasn't home. I also have a friend who has a twin from the other side. That guy can heal afflictions that are supernaturally-caused. He also knows secrets that are buried by people who come to him for help like having a dead infant buried near the house. He claims its his twin who whispers in his ears.

  2. Y’all need to make “Beyond Two Souls 2” cz the 1 was super cool but I really finish it so I want to keep playing, MAKE THE SECONDDDD GAMEEEE plissss

  3. I just finished playing Beyond: Two Souls and it's just such an amazing game. I can't even begin to explain how much of an adventure it was for me to see this happening to a girl, just all these adventures she went on, good or bad. It's just amazing and I can't wait to see what other routes I can take.

  4. this game has such a special place in my heart like i love this game till the end of earth literally i feel like i have a connection with jody like i know what she feels no one will understand not now not ever


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  6. Just finished the game, its 2020 now but I think the game is actually enjoyable, even tho choices didnt matter that much other than different dialogues but with the same conclusion in the most part…..the acting is still really good

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