Alien Rage – Cinematic Trailer

Check out this cinematic trailer for the sci-fi first person shooter, Alien Rage.

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  1. Skip to 1:38
    The small dialogue in the upper right that says "Atmosphere Analysis" tells you all you need to know.

    10% Argon, 25% Nitrogen, 60% Oxygen, and 5% Argon.
    The important thing is the 60% oxygen…this is actually WAAAAY higher than the Earth's concentration of oxygen….so yes, fire would definitely exist on this asteroid.

  2. Great, another game where you play as a space marine fighting a hopeless war against evil aliens. this time on a asteroid in the dark corner of the universe.

    I miss games like Destroy All Humans where you played as the evil aliens fighting an easy war against the Humans.

  3. I kind of like this game.
    Its a primitive fps with no storyline or active NPCs to interact with.
    Just like doom/quake.
    And its ok. Its not a bad game. Just simple.

  4. "First it looked like we'd all get along just fine, but then something happened.. and things got ugly. Real ugly."

    – Flatting life summed up.

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