Wolfenstein: The New Order – E3 2013 Stage Demo

Chris Watters shows off some new gameplay from Wolfenstein: The New Order at E3 2013.

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  1. So far, I'm not seeing any replay value here and on a quality stand-point I don't think it is on par with the current games. I'll always respect Wolfenstein though, great franchise but not too sure about this.

  2. I didn't see it shown here, but this game also combines elements of stealth shooters, so hopefully that will open up more than one way to go through each level.

  3. That would be a start, but I think this game will need a little bit more customisation to be on par with today's shooters. Maybe a very detailed online mode or some kind of leveling system will do it well, as long as it's implemented while keeping what made the Wolfenstein franchise to begin with.

  4. CLEARLY you can see that there is a "papers please" reference in the beginning. Has anyone noticed this already? It's obvious if you have played the game.

  5. I'm no graphics snob but… erm… they could have done a bit better than this right? I mean… it looks… idk… just off.

  6. The best thing about "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" was the multiplayer …….now they made a new wolfenstein game without a multiplayer?? They just went from Good to Worse….

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