Watch Dogs – Gameplay demo E3 2013 Sony Press Conference

Ubisoft demonstrates some Watch Dogs gameplay during the Sony E3 2013 press conference.

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  1. Does anyone know the name of this car in the game?

    And if possible it would be additionally awesome to know the name of the car that Aiden was riding around at the end of the E3 2012 demo!?

  2. How can I call some help? or did they remove it?? and how to raise my hand when I got cornered by cops? when I was playing the cops were order shoot to kill D:

  3. Huge disappointment about the companion app. You can only go competitive and not co-op as featured in this video. I really hope they can implement that in the future

  4. Only thing different is the load out look, the level it has defalt well at least his face pops up, and the mobile thing, still people complain about graphics but I don't see it on pc you can max out graphics like crazy to look like this!

  5. Watch Dogs's some stupid thoughts like police follow you everywhere even if you're too far away from police they can pursue you and find you easily it makes me nervous and it shouldnt be like that bad fighting ,shooting and there's not a cinmatic when you killing enemies  at last it's not a realistic game but i like play this game i hope another enhanced more developed  Watch Dogs with some changes

  6. all this complaining about Watch Dogs is so fucking annoying good lord people shut the fuck up. The game had some amazing potential yes and will Ubisoft do better with the second who knows cause we all can agree there a shitty ass game company but what's done is done move on. I for one enjoyed the game I had a blast playing it and sure the storyline is rocky and your typical revenge story telling but who cares, As long as your having fun with the game then fine…Geez

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