Warframe PS4 – The Call – E3 2013

Watch as the Tenno take on the Grineer in Warframe, now coming to the PlayStation 4.

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  1. *scrolling down the comment section to see the awfully negative reactions to this game


    We don't care. All those are rendered ineffective.

  2. warframe the third person action game in this game you can buy warframes with plat and blueprint but you have to bulid the parts usally you will find parts by bosses that you have to kill you can buy bulid craft weopons stay on tenno your not ready for this test

  3. I don't know about you guys, but I would have liked seen the other frames send some reviving energy but 2-3 seconds.
    Great seeing this tho.

  4. Gosh, seeing how far the depth the story has progressed to is really visible when comparing this trailer to the new CGI one.

  5. Amazing Game i have been playing from last 4 months.. and have already played 1400+hrs MR.22.. Still there isso much more to play.. Best game Ever.. 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️ Thanks to DE for this amazing creation.

  6. I remember when this was epic and now i compare it to the new war trailer.

    I was a kid who likes space ninja, and now I am an adult who likes space ninja

  7. These trailer were so hype to me back then still are I come back to watch the original ones something about it knowing behind all of it just the frame intrigued me now they focus more on the Tenno operator now and they made frames useless without them to a degree

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