The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Big World, Bigger Choices

Konrad Tomaszkiewicz from CD Project Red talks about exploring the vast world and deeper within Geralt of Rivia.

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  1. just wondering how will our PC run this lol…..I can play Witcher 2 Max settings with Uber Sampling but with 20-30 FPS…removing Ubersampling gives 60+ fps but then look at Witcher 3 😐

  2. @Creating paradise

    He's talking aboutros the ending to the witcher BOOKS, you know…the events that happened before the first game!

  3. Okay. This is my second comment ever, first in 6 years. YOU DON'T TELL THAT GERALT DIES IN BOOKS FFS. I have read just 5 books, and now you spoiled that part. I mean, REALLY. sigh

  4. 🙁 In this video he just talk about the choices and her consequences, And the tittle of this video is the open world of the whitcher, but, weathever, The witcher 3 it's a great game, and, I want to play it !NOW¡

  5. Im really hooked on to this game and i think the reason why this game is so amazing is not just due to the amazing landscapes, graphics and story.I think it's because of the feelings you develop for characters, the relationships seem so real and allow you to relate to these characters. Games like Skyrim or Gta just lack these relationships and emotional depth which witcher has. Truly an amazing game!

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