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The History of Respawn and Titanfall

After the creators of Call of Duty left Activision, they formed a studio called Respawn Entertainment and began work on what eventually became an FPS called Titanfall. Watch the video to learn the full history of the studio.

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  1. great company…Infinity ward/activision were stupid to fire them…Look at COD Ghosts, what a terrible game…Have been playing Titanfall Beta, and its amazing! 

  2. Respawn and Microsoft have a contract titanfall will never be sold for ps3 or ps4, it is sad but true. And I have both xbox one and ps4 so I honestly don't give 2 shits and a Popsicle.

  3. Infinity Ward was such a great company, I wish Activision never won rights to it. Respawn is a good name, but the new IW doesn't deserve that title.

  4. make a game that's exactly like call of duty but call it something else. I'm fed up of those clowns over at Activision, Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games and Treyarch fucking up the multiplayer on a yearly basis

  5. when they left, COD died, activision sealed their fate , now you get shit games like ghosts and infinity warfare lmao idiots, when your sitting on a team gold mine that is making you this much money why mess up a good thing, they ruined because of their greed now, mark my words you will never again see record selling numbers like mw 2

  6. got your titanfall 2  first I pre-order and then cancel it and bought it again, started playing  feels like COD, looks like you made it for pro gamers and forgot about the regular Joe's and Mike's that bought your first game and seems like your just getting back at your old bosses, and trying to appeal to COD players, and really not thinking about the regular people buy your game.

  7. well, we need a update already it's to hard to tell the difference between the good titan and the bad, loaded everything I had on a friendly titan and got killed, you guy really had something of your own with titanfall 1 and you fuck it up, COD is not yours  anymore wake up, you got them in the law suit and started something new, and just because you could not let it go you fucked up, anyways that how I see it will another game like COD, black ops III I have and don't play, what ass holes you turn out to be, all those add on you could have done with the original game meaning keeping the game the same as the first,  but NO you just had to make it like COD, do you know how long I waited for this game, and look what u asshole, it's not new it's COD

  8. respawn… respawning from getting whooped in the ass by activision, and coming back and making titanfall, ive never played it, but i really was an OG player, i miss those really old cod games by iw from 2003-2011

  9. EA needs to bring back the Medal of Honor ip and allow Respawn entertainment to develop it cause i believe they are the perfect choice to make that happen.

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