The Crew – Ubisoft Press Conference E3 2013

We get a lengthy demo for this next-gen racing title.

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  1. Yes, Driveclub and Forza 5 are just boring, let alone GT6 and Need for Speed Rivals, honestly, The Crew looks like a new experience for me.

  2. I am dead excited about this. Reminds of an "Underground and Most Wanted". I loved those and don't think there has been a driving game that has matched those since., GT5 was too much, and the new NFS just didn't cut it. Man I'm stoked about this!!!!!!!!

  3. They Need To Bring Old School Rides In And Drifter Type Cars As Well. I Really Hope Drifting Doesnt Blow..And Really Hope For nissan 240sx and toyota supra 98' to be in here(:

  4. Alright the crew just fucked nfs rivals in the ass. If ea wants to make good money they need to make a good nfs like nfs u3 or nfs c2. They need to give what the people wants. Popular is the customization

  5. this game looked SO good on paper! 
    but its broken
    cops are broken
    enamys are broken
    the list goes on and on…..
    but i still play it with some friends because COD:AW is a bit boring right now
    and gta5 online is boring as well right now

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