Tales of Xillia – Official Trailer

Take your second look at Tales of Xillia.

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  1. What is thee song that plays in this? I know it's something by audiomachine or two steps from hell but I can't remember what it's called for the life of me, the song during the action scenes

  2. I love the tales games and i will get this but i telly suck at them i was never able to play one in hard mode i always finish them on normal i wish i could become better

  3. More than a year later and this is still the best trailer they've ever made for a Tales series game. Makes me want to play it all over again.

  4. Even a year and a half later, this is still the best trailer they've ever put together for a Tales game. Makes me want to play it again.

  5. Probablement un des meilleurs trailers qu'il m'ait été donné de voir. La montée en intensité épique est parfaitement maitrisée. Pas forcément le plus représentatif de l'expérience du jeu (excellent au demeurant) mais un montage bien maitrisé!

  6. Tales of Xillia is definitely the most disappointing tales game I have ever played. I bought it expecting something grander than vesperia or symphoia but it was empty bland and a chore to play

  7. This trailer is so deceitful. It makes it look like the character models are full of life with great animations, when in reality 90% of the cutscenes are of the characters standing in the same position showcasing no emotion.

  8. This was the first Tales game since Symphonia that gave me a very similar feeling to Symphonia. It was similar, yet distinct. This game does have its own flavor, after all.

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