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Sucker Punch Looks Back at Sly Cooper

Watch this video to learn the history of Sucker Punch and how they transitioned from creating kid-friendly titles to the more adult Infamous titles and how that led to their purchase by Sony.

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  1. The 4th sly game sucked it was nothing like the original 3 ps2 games, the humor was dead, their were too many undesired mini-games within the game , sly's personality was stupid, and the theme song sounded more like the theme to doctor who. This game was a big disapointment!

  2. Please make more, Sly cooper is my favorite game series! even though I wasn't born when the first one came out in 2002. Plus when Sly 3 came out I was like two. Sly 1 was the first ever game I got! I have all 4 and completed all of them! Nobody really knows how much i love this series. I love it a little more then i love myself. So please, Sanzaru and Sucker Punch. If you have no ideas just make one pretty cheesy. I don't think any of the fans would mind. Something like Sly has to go to the future and save his kids from the Fiendish Five's children ( but their children are grownups.) Even though Clockwork is gone and the Panda King is nice and has a daughter, how about the panda king has another one. Neila should pretend she was dead even though she was actually alive and she gets new materials to make Clocker. The Sly in the future went some where before all this happened. But they weren't able to contact him cause' he went to a place with no contact service. (Not cell service.) So the gang has to go to future. ( Sly's has six kids and their ages are all 11.) Their should be a feature when on the get away you can choose to drive the car away or to let Murray do it. So PLEASE Sanzaru of Sucker Punch please see this comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀     

  3. Sly 2 is my first first game I ever played on ps2 I played it when I was 4 years old in 2004 It was soooo awsm I still hav all the sly cooper games I really thank sucker punch for making my childhood awesome…!!!!

  4. You know a new ip that is a cartoony 3D plattformer would be nice.

    Get on Tim Shaffer's bandwagon and bring back 3d plattformer games.

  5. Dear Sucker Punch, please make more Sly games. prequels, sequels, I'm not too picky. Just good, solid games that allow the players to explore and engross themselves in the universe that y'all have created. Clue bottles are mandatory, sorry I can't compromise in that department.

  6. So they left the Sly series because they got tired of it and to work on a new IP, which was Infamous. They then worked on a shit load of Infamous games, not getting tired of the series at all, and have nothing to do with Sly anymore.


  7. While I admire their kindness towards Sanzaru, sadly, their faith was misplaced.

    Sly 4 was a piece of flaming garbage compared the the original Sly trilogy. Sly 4's gameplay was OK, but the writing and dialogue was just atrocious and it completely shit all over the happy endings the characters got in Sly 3 (primarily, Sly and Bentley's). Sucker Punch was smart to end the Sly series when they did. And I personally wouldn't want to see a new Sly game made unless it was a total reboot

  8. 2:09 Sly 2 might be your favorite sly cooper game but it’s my favorite game of all time and the sly cooper series is my favorite game series so please please please i just need sly 5 in my life. Please

  9. I legitimately teared up when I saw the wall of letters and fanart, I could just feel the childlike wonder from it and how much sly had affected my childhood. Thanks Suckerpunch and thank you cooper clan, I love you guys

  10. I knew, it was rushed, no bottles anymore, less security measures like in sly 2, only 6 Level, in every level less missions.

    Sly 3 had could be the Best of all Gameplay wise, but nevertheless it's the best Storygame with a iconic comebacks who came to your first bigger Team, and The noice climax!

  11. , sly 3 was made in around 11 months, infamous first light was 7 months. Like uncharted 1 called “drake’s fortune” because Amy wasn’t sure if they’d continue drake or go to a new character, a big text of “second son” was present because sucker punch is unfortunately done with cole 🙁 for now 🙂

  12. After playing Ghost of Tsushima, it makes me glad to see how willing Sony is to just talented studios like these guys grow into their full potential whereas other companies would find one successful title with a studio and relegate them to making only that for the rest of their existence

  13. Sly cooper was SUCH a huge impact for my life. it inspired me to make my own characters and story. It inspired me to become a Digital 2D artist. and now I have a web comic, a discord and so many amazing people helping me with my project. it's been a while since Sly 4 came out, and it was a BANGER for our community. but we need closure. #freeslyfromegypt <3

  14. They rushed on Sly 3 and yet it’s still one of the best games in the series, Sucker punch is just the greatest Idc

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