State of Decay Starter – It's Not What You Think

Are you running around with reckless abandon, slashing zed? You’re doing it wrong! Better watch this video and find out why.

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  1. If only they could combine this with Dead Rising 3's "pick up whatever you want to hit them with" then modify your weapon with whatever is handy. I hope someone is developing a mod like that or a patch from Undead Labs is underway.

  2. I like it because of the open world feel, action, team work, and leveling system… however, i hate it because of its stamina system and complete emptiness

  3. All of my games are on the ps4 i have an xbox for exclusives games only dose this game worth it ?

  4. really wish there is CO-OP mode, after a long period of time traveling and hunting for resources, it gets repetitive and quiet, i just hope UNDEAD LABS is listening to the forums

  5. I can’t figure out how to upgrade my defenses. Every time I open us my menu thing I see the sheld next to the home improvement tab but I can’t access it. I play on Xbox if that has anything to do with jt

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