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Check out the official trailer for State of Decay.

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  1. I was disappointed. Game is boring… Map is very empty and not realistic for this age of open world gaming… Game got bad fps on good pc… You can see that game is running on lame unreal engine.. Lots of bugs… Missing futures from State of decay 1… You got to much work with NPC in your home base… I didnt get filling that the main thing of this game is survival… I get filing Im some servant for others factions… To much stuff to do in the same time that doesnt help you at main story or survival… State of decay 1 was much better more dinamic

  2. THIS GAME don't dare buy it like I did 1st off £40! and it just sod1 with multiplayer they didn't even bother to adapt into a proper £40 game instead of an arcade game, it till the same as sod1, man if I did this I probly get sued for fraud but these losers make millions or whatever and are laughin all the way to the bank. oh I did every achievement not died once and still this is my view take it leave couldn't give a shit…. just don't buy!!!! and to all the modders in reality you are just cheaters… get over it!

  3. Best CPU Rapest since 2013
    State of decay 2: Best Cpu Killer since 2018
    State of decay 3: OH GOD NO!
    This is what a laptops goes through

  4. i played this game on my cousins xbox years ago and i rly enjoyed it and now i wanna buy that game and the new one soon lollll its alotta fun and the only game i played where it captures that whole-rounded lifestyle within a zombie apocalypse with a nice story

  5. One of my favorite Indie games of all time

    I'm happy that Microsoft bought them can't wait too see how the 3rd game will turn out

  6. Miss the ol' day's when i wake up early morning before take a bath i always play SOD,after school playing this game, always get scolded for not studying hahaha, damn time flies so fast

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