Star Wars Battlefront Teaser – E3 2013 EA Press Conference

EA shows off their first teaser for DICE developed Star Wars Battlefront.

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  1. I hope they'll stick with it being played in 3rd person and being able to switch between first person in the settings… but if they decide to keep as a first person only game then i hope they don't have that whole "Aim down Your sights" thing like they do in COD and BF 

  2. Everyone should STOP jumping to conclusions, remember that DICE made Mirrors edge, and a load of cool other games

    True! This is EA! One of the worst companies in the Gaming industry, but it looks promising…

    And Im sure ALL of you were DEMANDING they made a star wars battlefront, and now you got it, you're hating?

    All I'm asking is just give them a chance and don't rush to conclusions, we have no idea what this game has in store for us because it was only a little teaser, so how could you possibly know? 

  3. I hate ea. They are money hungry whores who milk the gamer dry. If they fuck up this game I wont be happy. Battlefront 1 and 2 are legendary. ea making battlefront? Pisses me off!

  4. I REALLY hope that they'll do what they did in Elite Squadron. The one where you can take a ship, fly into the sky and automatically go to space.

  5. I not a huge star wars fan or anything but i had alot of fun playing battlefront 2 on my PS2 way back in the day. Game companies forget what makes games great these day like it was back in the day in my childhood in the 90's and its usually the simple things.

    1. Have coop. It was really dissapointing to find out that i couldn't play with my friends in BF4 in coop,it was stupid that they got removed it.
    2. Have a mode other than single player when you can go up agains't bots in every game type that's available in multiplayer etc. This is good for practice and its just fun. I'm sure they're others people can think of but this is all i can for now since its been so long sicnei played battlefront.

  6. Dear DICE….if you fuck up my childhood…I WILL KILL YOU MYSELF !!!
    Don't make a Star Wars Battlefield game MAKE a Star Wars Batllefront game that we all dream for 10 fucking years with 3rd person !!!

  7. I like how every trailer video from GameSpot always has the grunting fat dude with his mic on by accident.

  8. Don't worry, They did take all the feedback. In EA Star Wars Battlefront 2 We're getting a Single Player Campaign, and Multiple Eras. They listened. Don't beleive me? Check EAStarWars's Twitter.

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