Sonic Lost World – E3 2013 Stage Demo

Chris gets more information on Sonic Lost World in this E3 2013 Stage Demo.

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  1. The designers think they were being clever too, but they really weren't. They should think of a game less obvious when you clone it than Mario Galaxy, or gtfo.

    This entire interview seems kind of like a joke IMO. It's like you can feel the tension as the interviewer tries to not mention Galaxy

  2. here's an idea. even if they ARE ripping off Mario Galaxy, even though Sonic did the gravity function first and there's no enemies or villains from the Mario Universe, who gives a shit?
    if a game looks similar to another game, why should that stop you from having fun?

  3. You guys, nobody gives a crap whether this looks like glaxy or not. Sega has the right to do this. You know why, because in dreamcast era, they were going to make a game called sonic xtreme that looks exactly like this

  4. "3 title exclusive deal with Nintendo" *inahles deeply*

    Well, I can't complain about that too much. Colors was great, and this game looks really fun. Still, as a mainly PC player I feel cheated. Oh well, I guess it's a good excuse to buy a Wii U. (That and Smash Bros, Wind Waker HD)

  5. I really don't like the direction they're going with sonic. I wish they would go back to the more detailed and dark story lines that got you attached to your favorite characters. It's kind of disappointing to see my hero who defeated the chaos, solaris, and dark gaia run around in candyland.

  6. You are a blue hedgehog running around at super speed fighting an evil egg-shaped mad scientist with a giant smile on his face…..HOW DOES THIS FIT IN A DARK SETTING!?!?!?!? The darker setting does not fit the series, which is one reason Sonic Colors is so good (that and being Nintendo exclusive). Sure they can add some darker elements into the lighter games, but overall, the Sonic series is better suited to a light storyline.

  7. Jolly crap, this Sonic actually looks like something that isn't a broken mess! The Galaxy inspiration actually suits Sonic really well.

  8. Screw these Colors and Generations type games. They need to make a Sonic Adventure 3. A game where ALL the characters (not just Sonic) are playable. A Chao garden would be nice too. Also, I know they're just trying to be nostalgic, but all the Green Hill remakes and variations are getting old.

  9. Well then you've got the concept of Sonic the Hedgehog completely ass backwards… I think. I can see where you're going with this and to an extent, I agree but some of the writing for SLW has been confirmed to be a bit darker than its appearance. And Judging by the preference of a darker story, I'm guessing SA2 was your first 3D Sonic game? 🙂

  10. Interesting question. Never said it should stop anyone from having fun.

    Pointed out how obvious it is that this Sonic game has been designed heavily around a successful Mario formula and how funny it is to watch the developer interview.

    "We've done lots of new things. *points to screen with Mario Galaxy gameplay, does not say a word about gravity or planetoids*

    "As you can see… um, Sonic runs fast and slow. And old enemies have returned. Sonic is blue." *sweating*

  11. Reminds me of all the older adventure games, Banjo Kazooie, Super Mario 64, etc. With a heavy dose of Mario Galaxy and Sunshine.

    Which is a GOOD thing. They actually added more control and a bit more open-ness (Not a word, sorry) to the levels. Seems like it will be pretty fun.

  12. I wish the game would've come out for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 too. Then it may have made more profit. They could have added PlayStation move features, would have für perfectly. Same for Sonic Colours but I don't have to worry about that anymore :D. But I also never noticed that there are 3 types of levels in this game. Pretty cool.

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