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Peter Molyneux Reviews iPhone Fart Apps

Game Informer’s Dan Ryckert sits down with the legendary game designer and gets his thoughts on Atomic Fart, Fart!!, and iFart Lite.

Thanks to Mike Rich for their donation during our Extra Life 2021 charity stream, this video is dedicated to…

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  1. Quite possibly one of the stupidest, funniest things I've ever seen. I've watched this like 4 times and cried with laughter every time.

    Dan's being Dan, and Molyneux's fairly straight-faced, gentlemanly reciprocation is just golden. He seems like a really respectable dude, with a good sense of humor.

  2. "I wanna hear a fart from a 25 year old Brazilian woman" (…) "you've got the fart of a 19 year old Swedish gymnast"
    Not sure if Peter just came up with these on the spot or if we uncovered a fetish

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