PES 2014 – E3 2013 Stage Demo

Chris gets the down low on Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 from E3 2013

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  1. FIFA lovers who slag off PES and vice versa are so fucking childish, grow up you little dickheads! It's personal opinion as to what you prefer and I think there are pros and cons to both games. Between the two, you have the perfect football simulation – FIFA for the authentic teams, kits, leagues, stadiums etc. & the decent-looking career mode; PES for the realistic crowds/atmospheres, editing mode and UEFA licenses.

  2. Why change something that is already Good? I Have both FIFA 13 and PES 2013, im a very good player on both, but i like more FIFA couse is more realistic, PES players are like robots dude, PES is superior on Strategy, i know. Lets see who wins on the next generation, i bet for FIFA but nobody knows, PES can give the surprise

  3. Konami took one of the greatest franchises in the history of video games and royally and epically fucked it up, maybe beyond repair.Good job and FUCK YOU konami!

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