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NHL 14 Fighting Trailer

Learn how to fight in this recent trailer for NHL 14.

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  1. Have you watched a hockey game before? Fighting is a pretty big part of the game. They've asked people whether they would like fighting removed from the NHL and it's always an overwhelming no.

  2. this has been in production for years, they were just waiting for the right time to release it, following a crash and burn 'true skating' experience, well why not throw something at them to take away from the reality – which is, we slightly tweak this game every year and expect you to constantly throw 60 bucks at us while we're at it, come on guys you're getting laughed at by EA. For hockey games these guys are a monopoly. FUCK YOU EA, I AM DONE WITH YOUR BULLSHIT

  3. FUCKING FINALLY they did 3rd person fighting. I haven't seen this since the old NHL 2k days. Absolutely ridiculous that it took them this long to do third person

  4. i'm still waiting for them to find a way to do huge fights, like ones in goon (end of the movie with everyone fighting), then I'll absolutely love them

  5. 3rd person fighting thank fuk its bk nhl 13 the first person shit so unrealistic all they need to do now in nhl 15 is bench clearences anyone agree love this nhl 14 im english who r the habs any yank cod u let me no im a florida panthers fan since 94

  6. I hit him 30 times, no health taken away. He hits me once, I get knocked out. This repeats over 4 times each game!!!! Fuck this shit, go back to first person where you could actually win a fight fairly.

  7. Okay I know this game has been out a while now and I'm late but I wasn't interested in buying any nhl series from ea bc be a pro was lame and the first person fighting was awful so when they revamped those in 14 I bought it. Fighting is MUCH better however still has issues. It's very difficult to win and you rarely can successfully get your opponent in the "vulnerable" down position. I just discovered a huge issue. I actually dominated a fight my opponent did not land a single punch yet my guy still had a black eye. My guy always gets a black eye and when I beat the hell outta the other guy they don't. Still no blood. And why do they give you an option to select a birth year if it automatically sets it at 1995. Much better than 10 but Christ ea you guys still fucking suck. You put stuff in games then take them out for 10+ years then reintroduce it as a new feature. Lame.

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