Mad Max – E3 2013 Stage Demo

Johnny gets some new information on Max Max, coming to the Playstation 4.

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  1. I been hearing a bunch of bad things about this game. Focus too much on car combat and lame third person action shooting. I hope this game does really well. Been a fan of Mad Max for a long time. I also heard he wont have an australian accent like he did in the movies. Just hope the game is fun.

  2. This is why I like companies like Rockstar. They don't show up at E3. They take their time and reveal things when they're ready. Not rush a title out to a press event with nothing to show for it. That's why some games end up shittier than how they were displayed at an event, for the sake of getting attention. Hopefully that isn't the case with The Division.

  3. Deceiving titles .. it seems that it's always the case with these fucking retards at gamespot … They need these pathetic tactics to get viewers …

    Pathetic morons

  4. this is a way for companies to get publicity for their games without spending a fortune, while rockstar didnt do events like this they did absolutely spam every form of media possible with ads for gta v for months on end, a lot of companies dont have the budget for that, also if rockstar ended up releasing an absolute turd of a game we would have no way of knowing until after it had sold a shitload of copies, not saying it would happen, but there is a reason for these types of events

  5. why do you guys say coming for the ps4 in the about section? you fail to mention that its coming also for the xbox 360, xbox one and the PC, sony's bitch perhaps?

    also next time try including actual footage of a demo, you know like in every other e3 stage demo video

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