Killer Is Dead – Gameplay Trailer

Take another look at the gorgeous looking gameplay from Killer is Dead.

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  1. David's VA sounds just like Frisbee from Redline. I know it's the same voice actor, but the speaking style is just lifted straight from that movie.

  2. Oh so you mean the visuals…that's understandable…but KiD (Killer is Dead) makes it more artistic…I see what you mean.

  3. This game will be out on Aug 27 end of this month, gonna preorder at gamestop for art book, sound track cd, dlc skins and weapon, thats a great preorder incentive with no extra cost :D. Killer is dead and Lost planet 3 on that same day 😀

  4. I hope this game is not only 6 hours long. I played Shadows of the Damned, it was really great but it was really short, and so does lollipop chainsaw.

  5. I can understand where he is coming from, I like to watch things in their original language. I play the Metro games in russian, I play Uncharted in english, and I play Yakuza in Japanese. It really adds more to the experience.

  6. Stop trying to take my money Suda, you're too good at it.
    I have literally zero information about the game and I want to play it regardless.

  7. Woah! This game looks pretty awesome. Might try picking it up if I have the time. Heh. Don't have too much these days between fighting.

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