How the Red Wedding Should Have Ended *SPOILERS for Game of Thrones* – Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week

Did the Red Wedding episode of Game Of Thrones leave you empty inside? Teary-eyed? Or just plain furious? Well then, enjoy this homage to [SPOILERS], with how the Red Wedding should have ended… Brought to you by Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week.

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  1. The north will rise again, winter is coming also how do you do that sword spinning attack at 0:57 is it actually in skyrim or is it unique to this mod? because I have never seen it before.

  2. I loved the Starks, they were honorable, good people. But honestly, at the same time they were stupid as all hell and a lot of the stuff happened to them as a direct result of their actions. (At least on the show, haven't read the books.) Ned looses his head because he has "mercy" for Cersei and her kids and tells her he knows about Joffrey and the bunch. Things go all down hill as a result of stupid Catelyn Stark kidnapping the pimp imp. Robb looses a shit load of his men because he just HAD to behead knobhead Carstark rather than holding him prisoner, letting his men know that he would live so long as they remained loyal. Robb just HAD to marry that stupid nurse out of passion when he had a duty to fulfill to all the people he was "fighting to protect" and fucked it all up as a result. He puts his trust in a house who's words are basically "We'll steal your shit.".. I mean, come the hell on! Sansa was a stupid little shit earlier on but seemed to wise up and do as she was told to keep herself alive, but there were still instances of her little "ohh yay fantasy dream world princess queen" shit kicking in when Loras came into the picture. Arya is probably the best of all the Starks, but she's kidding herself if she thinks that she can truly "become no-one". Bran, eh, I don't know what his deal is. I can't tell if he's heading off to tree boy just because he think's he'll be able to walk again, or because he knows that he has a duty to help in the shitfest to come and is selflessly committing himself to this cause. Rickon, honestly, Rickon is too young to judge and we haven't seen anything from him in the show lately. So hopefully he'll turn out to be a respectable, honorable, but at the same time not a stupid as shit Stark and might actually be able to be the one to hold his house together and pull it back from the brink of utter collapse. Hopefully some time with Osha and some practical people or some proper honorable/smart noble houses loyal to the North and the Starks will have him grow into a proper lad. Here's hoping, as it seems most of all the other Starks were simply dead set on the collapse of their house.

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