Halo Trailer – E3 2013 Microsoft Press Conference

Halo is revealed as an Xbox One title during the Microsoft press conference.

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  1. Well I'm sorry you feel that way about me but I'm not gonna start one of those bullshiz Youtube fights with you (Im not saying you're trying to start a fight) but I was just curious as to why that was the most FAQ of all

  2. Now here's a AAA game I'm looking forward to. The COD series are starting to look more of the same despite some interesting new concepts that will jog up the interest more. Hopefully, the story won't turn wishy-washy when this comes to Xbox One. 😛

  3. Oh it will. It will. Remember reach? that was the first walk of shame in halo's journey towards Call of halo. Sprinting? Why have it if it is a fucking armor perk? Then they made it normal and always active in Halo 4. But guess what? FUCKING LOADOUTS IN MULTIPLAYER! I was like Da fuck is dis shit when i first saw that. This game is now just… I don't know how to explain it… Its just gone to hell.

  4. Nope the series must not die bcoz of shit garbage ppl like u who don't want to enjoy playing games n compare shit cod everywhere. U moron is a result of a bad condom.

  5. People complaining about halo 5 and Xbox one, when the Halo 5 version of the xbox one comes out ya'll going to run and buy it like thw bitches you are

  6. Halo has not gone to hell its still one of the best fps and best story just because they added sprint and loadouts doesnt mean there copying many games had sprint before cod and many games had loadouts before cod so shut the fuck up and just dont watch halo videos if you dont like it biatch.

  7. I know no one is probably reading this but what if this is the aftermath of Cheif going into battle with Locke. Explaining why his armour is busted.

  8. After seeing all the cut scenes and story of Guardians, the more I realize that all of this probably takes place AFTER the game ends.

  9. I dont think this is a Halo 5 trailer…I think this is actually for Halo 6. Think about it, Chief's visor is smashed, there's a guardian etc. This is their way to fight, as Lasky says in the end of Halo 5. I HAVE AN ACTUAL THEORY!

  10. Every time I watch this it makes me absolutely cringe. The poncho on Chief's armor is BY FAR one of the STUPIDEST things I've ever seen in a trailer. I can't believe anyone bought into this, at any time. I much preferred the actual Halo 5 trailers.

  11. Will he ever get his VISR fixed? After watching this I have finally accumulated enough facts well at least enough that I can finally begin making theories on what halo 6 will be I mean look at this trailer it all makes sense now. His VISR cracked this answer was explained in Halo 5 this trailer was actually the teaser for Halo 6 which the other supposed halo game that 343 were working on for Xbox One in 2013 was Spartan Assault they only said it was a teaser for Halo 5 cause they knew we would all buy it . Then they said this was going to be a different halo game when in fact it was going to be halo 6 , they had already worked out the story for halo 5 , how it would start , how it would end this footage was for Halo 6 possibly a sketch for what they were planning on achieving when the game was complete. They could of released halo 5 in 2014 and halo 6 in 2017 but no that would be too easy they had to make it right , fix it up. This is just one of my many theories.

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