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Kevin heads to Neo-Paris in order to drop a logic bomb on this video review.

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  1. This ending made me cry. Honestly Nilin is my favorite character in video games better than Lara Croft or Nathan drake or venom snake

  2. Why is everyone so crazy about open world. Open world games are a fuckin tedious chore. Some are still great but l fuckin hated horse riding in red dead. Gta the only real good open world series, rest should stop doing it

  3. This game is absolutely beautifully legitimate works. Masterful development. This game & the development team deserves better than a 7 – they deserve a Nobel Peace Prize

  4. The world is greatly realized and breathtaking at points, but the linear design always breaks the illusion of a living world.
    Dontnod is really great at making convincing worlds.

  5. I completely forgot about it…
    But I just found it for $1 on PS3 so I’m about to give it a shot.

  6. I would love for this underrated gem to get a proper remaster, and a proper sequel. I would also love for Capcom to properly put Nilin in some crossover games and by properly I don't mean including her as a one-off cameo, or a DLC costume/skin I mean as a actual character with a decent role to play in the plot.

  7. Seven years later I’m asking Capcom, how come we haven’t got a remake for the PS4 and now the PS five? This game has for potential I think it deserves a remake in a sequel!

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