Forza 5: An Xbox One Game Ten Years in the Making

How Turn 10 is embracing the challenge of releasing an Xbox One launch title.

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  1. yet your name is Atari2600chick? im guessing you never played ANY racing game between the Atari2600 and Xbox? i guess you missed that little game called Gran Turismo…you know its only the largest racing simulator in console history!

  2. how can they say this game is so innovating and its going to be an epic when they left out so much content? i understand that this game was a rush to get it out at launch, but its upsetting that they are lying to us about the quality of this game. it will not be an epic and it is not going to be legitimate. i am a forza fan to the bone but this game is dumb.

  3. I know a lot of cars have orange peel, but Mclarens aren't allowed to leave the factory unless the paint is perfect. Its a cool feature (especially for say mid 2000s BMW's..) but I don't know why they're using the P1 as the example for it.

  4. Screw this game and its patch download only bullshit. Anyone who buys be prepared to hand over $20 every fortnight for DLC packs you don't want but have to buy to maintain your online ranking. GG Microsoftcocks

  5. so much for the "New technology at their disposal". no night race, no weather effects. ten years indeed. maybe someday forza 6 can do what the last gen did on GT5…one last thing, driveclub on ps4 has day and night cycle, dynamic weather. I'm sure GT7 will improve that. Nevertheless forza 4 was a great game forza 5 is a 2 step back. 200 cars 14 tracks everything else DLC.

  6. Ten years in the making? T10 have made a huge leap backwards with this half a game mish mosh. FM4 had over 500 cars. We now have 200! The track list has been halved, storefront & auction house have gone, custom lobbies have gone (again! ) replay mode has…. guess what? Gone!!! T10 has become a money grabbing company that has no idea what the die hard forza fan wants. They have really messed up big time with this half a game release!

  7. what i dont understand is when this game was ten years in making, was the technology nowadays available in 2003?? that would mean that games could have way better graphics, right?

  8. Oh my god, stop being so freaken greedy go back to your old ways, I don't know if your new to the job but it doesn't take a genius to figure out what we want. Did you do any research into what we could possibly want did we ask for a crap ton of autovista you flew to close to the sun to fast and left out what we liked. And patch in the origonal quick play I want to play what I want when I want it, you leave of new room to experiment.

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