Final Fantasy XV – E3 2013 Sony Press Conference

Watch the Final Fantasy video that aired during the Sony E3 2013 press conference.

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  1. i heard some rumors before that they're not going to continue making this i guess they changed their minds…

  2. It was called Final Fantasy because it was supposed to be Square's last RPG. It became their biggest hit series. So they kept the name as a sorta keepsake.

  3. Isn't it quite unfair? a PS4 game challenging a PS2 game. what if they make a mastered story for cloud/zack having their wing on the story and release it on ps4. wonder who'll win 😮 but yes as time passes we need to stick on new things and stop living from the past where FF7 is in it XD

  4. No matter how good is the graphics, if they don't put THE SUMMONS or THE EONS, or THE SUMMON MATERIA, in all the epic SUMMONING OF IFRIT SHIVA BAHAMUT
    they can die, but I WILL NEVER BUY A FINAL FANTASY
    I've the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 but from there they developed PIECE OF SHIT. DOT.

  5. Probably one of the worst things they did to the Final Fantasy series was give everyone fucking guns and implemented a military aspect. It kinda takes away the fantasy feel that final fantasy games should have

  6. no i dont, because there wasnt any "faggot-ness" there. i enjoyed ff 12 alot and the only weak side of that game was the story and characters, everything else was great. sure the summon system was different but that doesnt mean it was bad. Even while it was different, let's be honest here, it was a hell lot better than ff 13's summon system 😛

  7. i dont think this game will be a good game cause it hase nothing to do with the real final fantasy…thats just my opinion but i will not buy this game…sad but…

  8. I feel stupid for getting my hopes up, considering how disappointed I've been with the FF series recently. The story sounds interesting, the graphics, as always, are even better, the gameplay looks… well fun! but not FF styled… I wonder how it'll turn out. I'm dreading a confusing, overly intricate and crappy storyline… but I hope square enix did a good job with this. I really hope so.

  9. This is the greatest trailer for any video game ever created, a masterpiece. Shame none of it made it to the final cut, but it's still a treat to watch this video.

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