Dying Light – Good Night, Good Luck Trailer

Check out a cinematic trailer for Dying Light.

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  1. Pra quem não sabe esse é o breken e essa é a missão que ele falhou em pegar Antizina bem no começo do jogo,E pra confirmar isso ele tá com a cabeça machucada por causa de uma pancada.

  2. Volatiles. One of the most iconic and scary enemies in the zombie game industry. And Dying Light 1 is possibly one of the top 5 zombie games and top 10 games ever, foe me.

  3. So many years later and nobody questioned why did Breken and that girl run through Rais's Main HQ building at the end of the trailer

  4. Dying light is one of my favorite games and only now am I realizing this is why brecken has a bandage over his head

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