Dead Rising 3 – E3 2013 Gameplay Trailer

Check out the full uninterrupted gameplay trailer for Dead Rising 3, releasing exclusively on the Xbox One.

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  1. I remember watching this for the first time, I bought my xbox one a month after its release and I remember dead rising 3 was the only game at the time.

  2. Man I just got done playing DR 3 with a buddy and I must say this game was really a damn good game especially after the shitty DR 4 and yes even though this game was easier than DR 1 and 2 it still had the DR combat and formula that made it so much fun to play and the story was very good I liked Nick as a character he is just a normal guy trying to survive in a zombie invested Los Perdidos but it also has some great nods and call backs to the previous 2 games and all the weapons were so much fun to use and the combo vehicles were a welcome edition my only complaints were the amount of roadblocks and co op being a little weird to set up but those were minor nit pics but overall this is my 2nd favorite DR game number 1 being 2 but I’m so sad we won’t see a DR 5 because Capcom Vancouver shut down but hopefully since Capcom Japan has the licensing now that they bring the series back to its roots on the Xbox series x and ps5 maybe but for now I’m gonna say DR 3 was the last true DR game

  3. This game is definitely a winner, the way the zombies react is so real and awesome… i give it 8/10 overall

  4. Its a shame without a very good PC or a xbox one no other way to play this game.

    P.S Microsoft helped develop this game along with capcom, notice how most of the Dead Rising games always came out exclusively for xbox FIRST. Must be on xbox first then every platform later.

  5. I wish they created a new character in DR4 that requires work and the fact the game took only a year to make some say it was finished much earlier. Either way capcom lost a gem here. Maybe it’ll come back? It looked like Resident evil was gonna tank after RE6. I’m not sure how this game would be brought back. DR4 was just a simple cash grab I remember beating the game in under 3 hours☠️

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