Bayonetta 2 – E3 2013 Trailer

Check out the E3 2013 trailer for Bayonetta 2 shown during the Nintendo Direct on 6/11.

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  1. Seeing this right after seeing Bayonetta 3's trailer, and I must say, there is no point of comparison: this trailer is far better than the one for 3. Darker, more action packed, nice character design for Bayonetta, nicely orchestrated, it's all there! Bayonetta 3's trailer just wilts.
    A trailer is supposed to make you want to buy and play the game, but Bayonetta 3's trailer killed the hype and the hopes I had for said game.

  2. This looks better than bayo 3, this bayo looks better than bayo 3, this voice actress is better than the one in bayo 3, I just can’t believe we spent all those years waiting for something worse. Maybe it was just for the trailer though
    Edit: as a longtime fan I’m obviously still happy for bayo 3, I was just shocked that it looked worse visually than bayonetta 2 and that they switched her amazing voice actress for some reason. I said what I said

  3. This trailer literally opens up with a warning of inappropriateness. Yeah, there is no comparison with the obvious incoming studio exec cash grab. Rated T for ”Too risky to keep what was successful, help us mommy.”

  4. This trailer, especially the "No one said you could touch" is one of the most unapologetically glorious things over.
    I'm not spitting on Bayonetta 3's trailer, I just say that the 1st and second trailer are giving this "edgy and over the top" side we all love, and the 3rd trailer just sugarcoated it

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