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What The PlayStation 4 Means For Infamous Second Son

The developers behind Infamous Second Son talk about the history of developing the new game for PlayStation 4, how they are incorporating the new controller, and what it was like to unveil the game alongside the new console.

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  1. The PS4 has hardware more than 5 times as powerful as the PS3's. It most certainly won't be outdated in two years. It will likely follow the Playstation tradition; 7-10 years. The PS3 isn't capable of handling Second Son. If a PS3 version were made, it would have to be made in a lower visual quality. I doubt it will happen. If you skip on the PS4, you'll be missing out on a lot of PS4 and Next gen exclusives. The PS3 will still get games for a while longer, until it goes the way of the PS2.

  2. The tradition being how long they last before games are no longer made for the console. Playstation 2 games seem like they were still being made yesterday, but they are gone. Eventually, the PS3 will no longer be receiving new games. The Next generation will have taken over and in the bottom of a game commercial you will see "PS4, Xbox One, and PC".

  3. Ps3 games won't be being made in 2015 for sure. But listen. my first comment told you how long the Ps1's life time was, Ps2 and Ps3. Ps1 only lasted 4 years. Ps2 lasted 6 years. Ps3 lasted 7 years. Each generation longer than the last. You said Playstation tradition was 7-10 years, and the longest console life was 7 years. Trust me they don't make games for long after the next gen console is out. Also there may be a game or two coming out every year, but that doesn't mean anything.

  4. When a console nearly stops receiving games, it's done. The PS1 came out in 1996, the last game for it was made in 2004. The PS2 was made in 2000; to my surprise, games are still being made for it,(FIFA is about it, but I heard game production will cease this year) The PS3 was made in 2006, and games are still being produced. So lets see, PS1 1996-2004(8 years), PS2 2000-2013(I think Heavy production ended at the 10 year mark), PS3 2006-present(7 years so far). I'd say 7-10 was pretty accurate.

  5. You're stupid. First you say last game (for the Ps1). Then you say heavy production for the Ps2. If you're going to do 1 pick 1. Ps1 8 years. Ps2 13 years. Ps3 unkown. How is 7-10 even close to accurate if the lowest was 8 and the highest was 13. Wouldn't it be 8-13 years for the average Sony console lifetime for game production based on two consoles. You were not at all accurate.

  6. I'm stupid? If you're going to resort to petty name calling, then you clearly have no business participating in what I thought was a civil conversation. You said it yourself "Also there may be a game or two coming out every year, but that doesn't mean anything." You may have been talking about the future of the PS3, but that applies to the PS2 as well. It's getting virtually no games. The PS2's game production declined around 2010 as I said. An estimate of 7-10 years WAS pretty accurate.

  7. Since you're clearly the smart one here(Sarcasm intended), perhaps we should go by your 2015 time-frame for the PS3's game production. If it ends, or at least grinds to a near halt, then it would be a 9 year life span. Going by what you said, the life span of all three consoles falls within the 7-10 year parameter I estimated. Why can't we just play nice?

  8. No by that I meant when developers stop making a lot of games for the console. There are only a few titles per year, and the development is really low. That's what was intended. For the Ps1 the last good year for it was 2000, 2001 had rarely any games, and the rest of the years were the same. But then you brought up the last game made for the ps1 was 2004. For ps2 it is going to be 2013 the last FIFA title. The only support Ps2 got over a long time was the sports game. Ps3 won't get much support

  9. (follow up to previous comment). By 2015 the production for the ps3 will almost come to a halt. I bet it may get sports game, and some ports of ps4 titles, but that's it. It won't be much a console. And the only reason the Ps2 got any support after 2006 was because of its high sales numbers. 155m right now. The average lifespan is not 7-10 years. It's less than that. More like 5-8 years.

  10. I see what you mean. I think the PS3 might last a little longer than 2015 even though it will be on a steady decline with the release of the PS4. The PS2 didn't continue receiving games after 2006 only because of its sales. It's also because of the PS3's massive price tag when it was released. It was a smarter move to not oust the PS2 until most people had a PS3. I think the same will happen for the transition to the PS4. But since it has such a low price, it will be shorter. I think 2016-17.

  11. its not just cole that they chance ,but the whole zeke and cole relation,contact while playing around and stuff.dont see that in this game play.
    i would like this game if it was a game on it's self and we would know they would make a infamous 3 with cole zeke etc than i would totaly get in it,but with out cole zeke it just sucks.

    i would love to see the new cole in the new world that looks amazing

  12. I think what he means is that in the world of PC the PS4 will be outdated, however the PS3's hardware won't be able to cater to their vision of the next inFamous.

  13. So it sounds like they had a hand in the design of the PS4 through what power an capabilities they requested. That's pretty cool for a company like Sony to do. This really is a console for games, not everything like XBO.

  14. It's on completely different engine and ps3 is not powerful enough to have the game made wAy it is. If you're complaining about not being on PS3 or have to spend money on new console go get a job.

  15. Watching this video 1 year later, It's disappointing to see how much of a flop this game was. Even mechanically the game isn't fully optimized. Frame rate is terrible and there's bad pop ins. :/

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