Payday 2 – Web Series Teaser Trailer

Check out this teaser trailer for Payday 2’s web series.

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  1. Кому нужно: Трек в конце – "PAYDAY 2 Web Series Credits". Так, как они есть только в сериях, я вырезал из видео.

    Who needs: end song – "PAYDAY 2 Web Series Credits". So, as they are only in the series, I cut out of the video.

  2. Guys Dallas is already at the place they are heading to and the old hoxton got arrested between the 1st game and the 2nd game.

  3. Unlike Payday the Heist, There's only 3 characters in a heist in Payday 2. But Dallas is still in Payday 2. 😛 so people who is asking "Where's Dallas?", He's not in the heist.

  4. Hopefully this will answer most questions

    Where's Dallas?
    At the bank taking down the cameras
    Why is Hoxton American
    British Hoxton was arrested during the first and second game so who you are seeing is Houston Dallas little brother

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