GS News – The Sims 4 launching in 2014 and Internet not required

Electronic Arts reveals next entry in series coming to PC and Mac next year.

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  1. R.I.P Quxxn 🙁
    Have fun playing Sims 4 in heaven x
    Always remembered

    Have a super, fantastic, awesome, splendid, amazing day 🙂

  2. Good. no game should require internet.. it's ridiculous you pay for a game to play the game and you can't as you need the internet to play it. Extra features fine but just playing the game no way.

  3. 26 yrs old, been playing since SimCity2000! We're the target/predominant age group for sims, so don't feel 'guilty' for playing a 'kids game' or something 😀

  4. or the EA producers put him in that 'costume' because it was believed he would 'connect' with the 'gaming audience' more if dressed like an eedjit…

  5. There's no trailer for sims 4 yet that was sims 3 master suit and university life the only thing they have for sims 4 is the gameplay so ya unlike much

  6. Putz,esse video é muito falso,se vcs que assistiram esse video forem fãs de verdade saberao q é falso,é apenas uma mistura do The Sims3 com o pacote de expansao Vida Universitária,acredite,vai no trailer do TheSims3 Vida Universitária e vcs verao,não acreditem nisso,muitos canais mentem para ganhar incritos e visualizaçoes

  7. yippee. dont waste time guys , rush to this site and get ur ipad3 or iphone as per ur choice. dont think its funny, make sure you tell the address and email properly to send the giftbox. dont run away have a try now –>

  8. I live in Africa and its about time they made games for us too. Fast Internet is just a few decades away for us but don't punish the poor folk for that please!

  9. I was going to buy simcity 5. But when I found out that I needed an internet connection I didn't bought it. I HATE TO PLAY GAMES ONLINE WITH OTHER PEOPLE. makes the game look like a facebook game.

  10. Is it really almost 5 years since the Sims 3 was released for PC's ? I only own the Sims 3 for my android tablet and not on consoles or desktop PC's. The Sims 4 looks more realistic however, I haven't played the Sims 3 PC edition so I can't be certain. Isn't our own life more exciting than playing a cheap simulator and wasting away the hours in the day ?!

  11. Can your Sim become a thief, burgler or convicted felon ? The next Sims title, Sims 5 or 6, should be closer in nature to Sim City, GTA, Second Life and maybe even add a racing element from Needd for Speed. The title could be: Sim World or Sim Universe.

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