GameSpot Reviews – Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut

Kevin VanOrd revisits the mysterious wonders of Greenvale in Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut

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  1. Sorry to double post but damn this lack of journalistic integrity gets under my skin. I enjoy the quirkiness and whimsical aspects of deadly premonition. But the game itself is a train wreck. Whacked out car physics, horrendous texturing, choppy animation, stuttering frame rate, busted combat controls, glitches galore, irritating side quests (pot lady or any missions that require it to rain at a specific time.)

    I mean we can like the game but don't kid yourself, the game itself is not "good".

  2. Eh, it's much more complex then that.

    The game's actual gameplay is often really bad and not in a "so bad it's good" way.

    On the other hand, the games story and characters are often just flat out good if not great.

    If you play Deadly Premonition, then play it for the terrific characters and atmosphere. Don't play it for the actual gameplay.

  3. This is the first game I ever sold before completeing it was so bad I didnt even care how much I got for it I just wanted to get rid of it this game was just terrible

  4. What do you mean? The reviewer said it was good. A 7/10 still means that the game is good. DP is only bad on a technical scale(graphics, gameplay, etc.), but it's unique in its own special way, which is why gamers love this game and are able to overlook all of the things that would make this a 4/10 game.

  5. As videogame its bad looks and feels like a ps2 era game. However dp isnt really a game is an experience like watching a movie. the story is mindblowing thats why they say is really bad that is good. if they put this game on the alan wake engine and added some combat and real puzzles you would have maybe the best video game ever created and I mean ever.

  6. Anyone who skips this game just because of the bad graphics and low production values; I feel sorry for you, because you are missing out on a true gem of a game. Such a shame that all gamers care about now days is AAA production and shiny graphics.

  7. This game is so good. I bought it from Play-asia for 10 € a couple of months ago and I don't regret one bit. Truly unique and amazing.

  8. hey people give this game a shot. it doesnt promise the best visuals unless you play the pc version. better frame rate ont he pc and extra's ps3 atleast you can use controller cant really garenteed that on pc. youll have to search for a mod to get the xbox360 controller to work for the mean while unles steam creates a fix for it finally. this game offers alot more than whats its was trying to be originally there alot to do and see and waste your time with while you do your objectives in game. one thing about the cars. they run on gas. lol be sure to check that tank and fill up. i like the goofiness of this game. its special in its own way.

  9. This reviewer should review everything. It's a shame game review sites require low scores for games like these, even though they are better than most AAA garbage out there. NieR, imo, is a 10/10. Drakengard 3 is an 8/10, this game looks somewhere in between those two. I hope the values of gamers change soon, because games like these are the true jewels.

  10. worst game ever..everything in this game is terrible except story….gameplay, control, graphics, optimizing, music, main character..etc..etc..they are very bad..

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