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Digitizing Seattle: Infamous Second Son's New Playground

Why did Sucker Punch choose Seattle as the setting for the new game? Watch our video feature to hear the lead developers of the new game explain their decision.

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  1. I don't know why Cole would die or be in pain if it rain. I mean, when he steps into water, the water is already electrified.

  2. I'm not sure I would even go that far. Tiny drops of rain, as many as there may be probably wont hurt. He stands in puddles without getting hurt. The water just electrifies. If Cole were being rained on, you would probably just see lots of tiny zaps around his body. It would be an annoyance at best.

  3. Im guessing the same comic cutscenes from the first and second game will return. You know like when it showed Cole in the hospital and the ending of the game

  4. if they are starting off of the good ending of infamous 2 that doesn't make sense because cole died therefore clearing out the conduit gene of all people in the world

  5. I'm a bit sick of games set in NYC, I live about an hour away and it's really refreshing that people are getting over it. You'll never see a game set on Long Island, but wouldn't it be interesting to see something like that?

  6. I live in a city about 18 miles out from Seattle. I'm a take the bus type of person, so I often like to just walk the streets of Seattle, they have fascinated me since I was about 19 and I'm now 29. I grew up in Washington D.C. But anyway I was about to get a XBOX1 but once I heard this game was set in SEATTLE I was sold, plus I can play it on my PS Vita.  And yes there is Native American ppl if u come to Seattle and its just in general a great place to look at, even on rainy days I might added. Hell ! Bruce Lee if used to live here and talk about how he liked light rainy days of Seattle.  ANYWAYZ GO SEAHAWKS !!!!!! and SOUNDERS and MARINERS 🙂 ,if u ever visit here ppl are maybe quiet, but are very friendly/helpful.  

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