Creating Disney Infinity – The Toy Box

Inspired by Disney Pixar’s Toy Story movies, Disney’s Avalanche Software set out to create the Disney Infinity Toy Box.

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  1. "kids will be going back to school" They'll be halfway through school. It's not their fault. It was held back because they had to add more to the 'the lone ranger' play set.

  2. Yeah, and that Lone Ranger was a major fail and a waste of time and money for Disney.

    They should of just released the game how it was on June 7th and then maybe release the Lone Ranger stuff as a DRM that no one will buy anyway.

    Disney just lost money by making the Lone Ranger, and they also lost even more money by releasing this game very late.

  3. Is it possible for us to get Wall-E and Eve as downloadable characters? the movie was fantastic and I think it would be awesome to play as my favorite robots ever of all time lol.
    just my opinion…

  4. disney infinity is my game favourite for ever,I'm one of best Disney's fan,I know all of that…but i must wait bcs my parents did promess me to buy at Christmas 🙁

  5. but plz add as characters: donald duck,king lion and play set of king lion and…idk,but add anothers characters of Disney,the classics characters,plzzz

  6. Yeah but Disney still has a ton more money where that came from, The Lone Ranger didn't kill them and is but a minor scratch to them.

    And surprise, Disney Infinity already sold over 294,000 Starter Packs within the first 2 weeks of release, they're actually making more money than with any other game they've made. The only thing that would really stand in their way is Skylanders SWAP Force.

  7. I have this game and it is so fun it is worth your money. And I also have Skylanders and the 2nd one and I am getting the 3rd one for christmas

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