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The Storyline of Batman: Arkham Origins

The creative director and narrative director for Batman: Arkham Origins talk about crafting the story for the game and how it ties in to and what separates it from Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.

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  1. not completely true Mark Hamill did say he was retiring yes but as seen on twitter he has been asked, if he was asked to voice the clown prince of crime in a 3rd installment of the game (not arkham orgins) he said never say never.

    now I'm saying twitter is direct source of knowledge or anything but there is a possibility of some sort of joker hints in a new game in the future but we're talking a couple years from now prehaps?

  2. Here is what I believe they're doing. In order to make a good game, the team needs time to work, but most of us gamers are extremely impatient. So it was decided that while Rocksteady works on the sequel, WB Montreal can give us our Batman fix. This way they are't rushing Rocksteady to create the next game and we get a new game to play. The way I see it, they're trying to satisfy us without ruining the sequel.

  3. Maybe… but it's for the best. Joker is dead, so kinda legitimises reasons for NOT pursuing an Arkham city sequel. If they do make one (by Rocksteady by then – next gen probs?) then i'd like a batman beyond kinda deal. Joker's son and all…

  4. How is it a middle finger? Rocksteady works on the sequel after that, and this company works on an origin. You're just getting two games instead of one.

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