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The History of Batman: Arkham Origins and Warner Bros. Montreal

The developers of the first Arkham game outside of Rocksteady discuss the founding of their studio in Montreal and how they plan on following in the footsteps left by Batman: Arkham City.

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  1. these guys are worst than cancer, Arkham Origins is the must buggy game ever release, just look at the official forum on their website, still not working after nearly 40days

  2. Wow, Eric said he didn't want this to be a copy n paste game, yet it's still a copy n paste game ? I don't get how the game looked so amazing at E3, it GCPD copters flying around, no fog, the Gotham Monorail, and so many pretty lights.  What happened ? 

  3. Arkham Origins is the biggest fucking piece of shit on the planet. It was a complete embarrassment to the series. 

    These lying scumbags should never be allowed to touch the Arkham series again. 

    Can't wait for Rocksteady to come back and show these hacks how it's done. 

  4. My game completely broke 1/2 way through the story. In the city, most of the buildings will not render anymore so they stay blurry and i cannot grapple to anything. I can fly or run through the walls which causes me to fall through the world floor. Restarting and even shutting off ps3 does not fix it. I'm not starting over. I don't have any problems with any other games. Fuck these hacks. Give the franchise back to Rocksteady. WBM doesn't know what the hell they are doing. Even the cut scenes are all choppy so you miss half of what is going on. Fucking disaster.

  5. What is warner bros problem with wiiu? I purchased wiiu because of arkham city! Game kicks ass lost interest in arkham origins because of warner bros stating wiiu lacks online support???? Why didn't warner bros create online support? Arkham knight needs bat steering wheel for wiiu. As warner bros needs to approach wiiu with controller options. Each to their own wiiu has game pad as map option to game than having to pause game? Or have to look at tiny map on game ruining the game play option. Why are programmers lazy to creating originality? Why isn't freeze doc coming to wiiu? Warner bros make movies too how greedy are you? I would like my money back for movies and games

  6. Arkham origins was great , the best Bruce Wayne representation hes like jumped from the animated series i dont who was the artist creating the Batman and Bruce and the suit but BRAVO i hope in the near future the same people would do another Batman game because damn i still play arkham origins and ive started new game more than 20 times to now ,pity that i dont live in US im a great artist and i have pretty original ideas for Batman and i can see how the most artists cant offer nothing new to the fans.

  7. Batman Arkham series was the best series I've played in my entire life they've put a really serious effort on this series and I thank them for that

  8. Origins was straight, some good missions and loved the vibe and what they did with Bane, didn’t like the black mask/ joker switch,. The world is forgettable and felt dead though, lack of Easter eggs and riddles was disappointing

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