Injustice: Gods Among Us – Batman vs Flash Battle Arena

Batman and Flash battle for rights to move on the the championship round of the Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Arena.

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  1. This is what happens when you let fan votes decide the winner.. Batman defeated Wonder Woman in the previous round and now the flash.. Grade A bullshit..

  2. the flash could just run and punch him and in that quick second the bat is on the floor he could vibrate his hand through his heart therefore killing him

  3. stop fucking crying about flash should've won because what about being fast to win fights you need training muscles and a lot of freaking moves and Batman did all of that Batman is truly better dumbass crybabys

  4. I am a Batman fan but I don't agree with this. In face off with anyone, Batman is the superhero who is prone to lose. Batman wins in a different way. He would rather bring people with super powers in his confidence and control them instead of fighting with them.

    He knows he can't win physically, but he can in a different way. He's smart, that's kind of his super power.

  5. It doesn't really matter who won because if the player that played the winning character play the losing character then, the losing character will be the winning character.

  6. all the flash has to do is go back in time and kill bruce when he was a kid and not only that he can just stop batman's heart with his bare hands. now some further just so u know i dont know that much about batman but ALOT about the flash (look at my profile pic) so lets point this out batman is a normal human being with no powers just a very tough suit and some cool gadgets and vehicles now the flash can see stuff in slow motion faster than the speed of light heals faster than batman or any other normal human being he can travel through time, phase through solid objects, stab someone with his bare hand, can do a super sonic punch, run on a wall, run on water, through lightning, vibrate his body fast enough that batman cant touch him, can make tornado, can stop a tornado, can stuck out the air in a area to make a wind funnel around his arms. yeah basically batman stands no chance.

  7. Everyone hates that video because they thinks who played as a flash is a noob but if the flash player was really pro he still cant beat batman because HE İS BATMAN

  8. Flash would just run and punch batman or phase his hand through his heart and batman dies but batman can beat flash if he has prep time and all the resources he needs

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