GameSpot Reviews – Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Kevin VanOrd braves the future world of the 1980’s in this dragon-full DLC.

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  1. call of duty got better score then this…… no fucking way. good review thought, just the score should be higher. this is a game savior!

  2. The game is supposed to feel like a dark arcade room with neon lights and electronic noises, like many 80s arcades were. The enemies are limited yes, but it's a budget game. I don't think you "get" what this 15 dollar standalone spinoff of Farcry 3 is.

  3. I want the sequel to take place in urban environments and wastelands, feature customizeable cybernetic upgrades/loadout (maybe you can swap out your implants and arms or whatever) as well as some super tough 'terminator' and 'predator' enemies that are an intelligent and difficult match for the player.

  4. Also, the enemies are supposed to look like the kind of cheap costumes that a low budget 80's sci-fi movie would have. All the enemies are basically wearing biker leathers and helmets with disco lights stuck onto them and thats what I love about this game. It deliberately goes into amazing detail to recall that cheap 80's look

  5. I dislike this game. No disrespect intended, however maybe it's because I grew up in the 60-70's and despised the 80's. Oh well, it is what it is.

  6. i have this game on my shelf, but my computer is a piece of shit, so i can't play it. just have to wait to get a new computer, which i can get soon when this comment was posted.

  7. Good review, but….. I think the score should be 9.5/10. Why I think this….. is because you get an exhilarating, fun filled, kick ass game only for.. (drum roll) .. $15.
    If you say no Alex that is horse shit…… then you will pay. (I can't do that or else I'll head  to jail.) YOU GET WHAT I MEAN.

  8. The sex jokes become tiresome? Oh get over yourself you fat pretentious idiot. The word pretentious is often over used to apply to anything remotely serious, but it certainly applies to this fat cow.

  9. This game for me is a 9.9 out of 10, just a tinsie bit of glitches/lag, and obviously it’s a little hard to see things because of the way the game looks, but I fucking love this game so much

  10. man … if this game was developed more if this wasn't just a dlc. A call this an expansion more than dlc. I would so have been happy, but the story fell too short, too few main characters, the ones that exist are quickly killed in earlie parts of game, the parts that are adopted from far cry 3 are very well done indeed, if the world was a mixture of urban and cybernetic wildlife would I have been happier, basically I want more. The art style is one my fauvorites, the graphics are just okay for my pc. The game is still very good grapicly.

  11. Did he just say Michael bean? The same Michael bean from aliens and terminator. It cant be bargained with, it can't be reasoned with, it doesn't feel pain. That Michael bean. Ive got to get this game

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