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Batman: Arkham Origins Trailer – Game Informer Coverage

Watch the trailer for Game Informer’s exclusive coverage of Batman: Arkham Origins that can be found at

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  1. They just must change the bat suit. Batman is looking like Jaspion on this armor. Batman got to dress just the same suit he uses on arkham city, and that is perfect. Dont mess it up.

  2. yeah at least not evreything has to be a dlc llike call of suckness i have an idea for the next game why don't you make the guns dlc then in the next one make the background dlc then in the next one put the game go online and then downloade it then download the dlc to play the game
    in other words call of suckness = BULL*HI*

  3. "we're not telling the story of the original batman, and we're not telling how arkham asylum originates" of the game BATMAN ARKHAM ORIGINS

  4. you should grow up! Stop trash talking superior games such as the great Batman Arkham Origins, because its better than CoD. Cod modern warfare series was basically the cold war in action, so that took no thought to create, and the game is violent, why would you expose yourself to pear crap. You should stop this idiotic remarks that you have because they're useless. I believe you must have outrageous low self-esteem just to talk complete nonsense about a masterpiece you dolt. Batman 4life : )

  5. Arkham City won many awards in the video game industry. The combat in Arkham City is tight and intense, it makes you feel like Batman. Mark Hammil IS the Joker, and is (In my opinion) the best voice actor for the Joker. Whereas Call of Duty is a rehash each time. Same perks. Same formula. SAME BULL STORY. You know what Call of Duty Ghosts will bring to the industry this year? An abomination of a game that everyone will hate. Now go back to playing multiplayer, child. Find better things to do.

  6. smd the english language is always evolving, this isnt a research paper its a comment on a youtube video, the innovation of the internet created a new dialect of the written english language where people use abreviations and shit like that.

  7. I just released the first episode for Batman: Arkham Origins on my channel, check it out and leave some feedback in the comments, I have tons more being released soon! Awesome video Gameinformer, keep up the great work!

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