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Thief Coverage Trailer – Game Informer

Watch Game Informer’s trailer for their upcoming month of coverage for the reboot of the Thief series from Eidos Montreal that can be found at

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  1. I'll be happy as long as he's still a sarcastic guy.
    And for the voice change, maybe this is simply a younger or older garrett.
    but damn I hope they keep his personality.

  2. This is A Thief game all you stupid kids saying "oh hes not a superhero get rid of the cape" play the originals and then come back and tell me hes not a hero "robin hood" was a Thief but he stole from the greedy and gave to the needy, so play the other Thiefs before judging.

  3. yeah, and on the subject of poetry, the new dialogue sounds too poetic. Garrett is a man who grew up on the street's pickpocketing for a living. His words should be simple. This new dialogue also makes sound like he has low self esteem, and thieving makes him feel better about himself. Garrett is supposed to be a confident guy who steals for the thrill of it.

  4. I have no idea how this is going to turn out – but am I really the only one remaining mildly optimistic until I've had a chance to play the damn game?

  5. I dunno, I just think people should give it a chance. Sure, I'm disappointed that they changed the voice actor. But at least they didn't do a Splinter Cell Blacklist and change it to someone whose voice is utterly generic. I still say that Garrett's personality should come through his dialogue, not who says the dialogue. I'm not SUPPORTING the change as such, I just think people are making a much bigger deal out of it than they should be.

  6. everybody's having a fit because they changed the voice actor etc.
    live with it this games still gonna be bad ass because after all its still a thief …

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