Saints Row IV – Announcement Trailer

Brace yourselves for an alien invasion in Saints Row IV.

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  1. Instead of doing this super powers bullcrap, they should of made this as a non-canon spin off Saints Row title. Who else agrees?

  2. Why does everyone hate on the new saints row I personally love it! However I've never played the first two so no experience there.

  3. I Read That Aliens Came & Took Over Da Fuck! The Zombies Was Bad Enough This Was Some Gangster Shit Now Its Some Kiddie Shit I Just Found Out It Was Even Coming Out & Before GTAV I Was Like Hell Yea Hold Me Off Until Then Beat It & Trade It Towards GTA But This Shit Looks Like A Flop I'm Sorry Gone Be 29.99 After GTA Come Out On Sale Its Damn Sure Not Worth 60 Bucks I Can't See It

  4. i played 1 2 3 and soon 4, because i think they are funny as hell. i mean i'm now president and aliens? i mean REALLY! the shark has now been jumped and i'm ready to dubstep gun it to death

  5. Man they really should have left that awesome suit in the game, hopefully it at least is dlc or I will be majorly disappointed.

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