GameSpot Reviews – Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

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  1. love it. so underrated by the main critics but has become a cult classic. and has AMAZING DLC…siberian strike is the more open ended campaign and is super replayable. roll on sgw 3! 🙂

  2. yeah I thought they scaled back the graphics from GW1, the story & gameplay was very repetitive. I like the more extreme the physics in GW1. It presented more of a challenge. Despite not liking this game, I'm still a fan of the series because I mainly play as a sniper in most other FPS games. going to preorder Ghost Warrior 3 that comes out in April, and really looking forward seeing if the open world style is really is "open world".

  3. GameSpot! Can you PLEASE STOP PUTTING SPOILERS IN YOUR REVIEWS!!! It's super f*cking annoying!!
    Because of this IGN is now my #1 source for video game reviews. Please stop it! Please!!

  4. Actually I liked the predecessor more than this one since here many scenes are heavily scripted and you have to do exactly what's told without doing your own route. They even admitted that by releasing a DLC where this issue was addressed.

  5. People are saying horrible things either: 1. They hate the developers, not the game or 2. They don't want this franchise to grow big in fear of big competition to their favourite franchise (eg: Call of Duty).

  6. I would never imagine paying $ 70 when the game was first released. However, this game feels like a typical $ 20 supermarket shelf game, which you play in anticipation of bigger games.

    However, the game probably runs at 5 bucks today and at that price is quite good.

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