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Former Battlefield lead designer David Goldfarb drops by to show us his latest work on Payday 2.

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  1. This game is very good so far,but i would like to see more hardcore heists like firestarter,also i think they should add some casinos to rob and somthing like that,overall make it harder,add more guards,cameras.Framing frame supposed to be hard one but its easy,i see many people stealthing it even in solo cause of that guard system,4 kills + 1 intimidate,i think you should add more guards and make people sneak in,go for objectives but not for kills.Add more night time heists.

  2. Crazy different. Lots of callbacks to Payday The Heist's visual style. Jewellery looks heavy. No indicators on the HuD. Cool cool cool. And I do miss that oldschool heist-complete music.

  3. Dallas suit is so much better in this. Gun sounds are better lighting is betterm textures. WTF OVK?! only problem is that the lighting makes it look a bit muddy but no big deal. even the gloves are better!

  4. lol that pdth soundtrack, this was probably before simon even recorded anything for payday 2. i love these alpha builds and hope we can get them someday

  5. i neeeeed modders or atleast starbreeze to bring back those alpha build body bags, wonder why they ever changed them

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