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Kevin VanOrd takes us through a build of Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen on the Xbox 360 and shows off some gameplay.

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  1. if you are into adventure game which have a lot quest .. well this game is worth buying.. but first i must recommend you skyrim.. its the best open world fantasy game now… i think dragons dogma is just 2nd for me when its about openworld fantasy.. 😀

  2. Thank you for your reply. In fact I'm so much into adventure games that are full of quests. 🙂 Might end up buying this and Skyrim. Skyrim is already on my wish list. Guess it'll be the next game I get along with Dragon's Dogma. 😛

    Thanks again.

  3. Skyrim was good for what it was, a massive open world with lots to explore. But comparatively against other RPG's such as dark souls, dragons dogma, borderlands. It is beaten hard. Skyrim wasn't even a challenge at its highest difficulty, it was closer to a dora explorer game then a good action rpg

  4. This game is awesome! My vocation is assassin with dragon's Vein daggers and dragon's Ire bow, daggers are nice due to dodge-roll ability and double jump. I recommend that when you go deeper into bitterblack isle proceed at least level 90, I once went into an area where I fought 4 skeleton sorcerers casting spells against you, 4 garm (oversize hell-hounds) bite and drag you, 2 giant gorecyclops, all attacking you at the same time. I consumed 9 wakestone and 100% of my brain before beating them.

  5. Those snake/caterpillar-ish like things, are the banes of my pawns existence, like, how the hell did they manage to stuff you in that chest. No wonder they're so eager to chomp up my pawns.

  6. The entire game can be beaten in 25 minutes if you skip most of the content and just teleport straight to the objectives. The game has pawn creation and pawn sharing so its always refreshing to see new party members. World creation and sharing would be a nice addition to the game

  7. Dragon's Dogma is a very unique game. I enjoyed every minute I put into the game. I haven't had a chance to play Dark Arisen. I sold my Xbox before it was announced, I may have kept it around just to play it.

    I recommend everyone try out Dragon's Dogma. Especially if you're a fan of Open World RPGs with excellent combat. It has a feel very similar to Monster Hunter (same studio).

    I hope this game gets a sequel for next-gen consoles.

  8. skyrim is great, get the legendary as the dlc's are very good. DONT raise your smithing to lvl 100 until after you've played it for a while. being able to craft every weapon and armor took away a big part of the game, being able to discover them in dungeons and stuff

  9. Thanks!

    So after i beat the story the post game start…

    Can i free roam and kill all the bosses ENDLESS without starting a ng+?

  10. Had to laugh when watching this…first 20 min spent smashing boxes yet missing 3-4 areas and 5-6 chests 🙂 I already had a lvl200 MA when this came out so I didn't find it to difficult, especially after getting the lvl3 cursed weapons/armors. MA is OP even on hard. Started new game on 2nd profile and went bbi about lvl65…up to lvl186 and still playing…

  11. Use a magick archer and get lightning bolt/seeker and find demons periapts use 4 demons periapts go to the bloodless stockade there he will spawn some where also u need equanimity so if u lower your health it will increase ur magick then aim the lightning bolt at the wall repeatedly also get acuity and attendance for sorcerer and Mage. Hope this helps.

  12. If anyone would like some help on their adventure through Bitterblack feel free too add me and my pawn 🙂
    Good looking 😉

  13. Feel free to use my pawn he's lol 109 and I change his vocation quite a bit but most of them have been maxed out at the moment he is a ranger I believe xbox gamer tag TheGreyWolf 93

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